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Indian country seems to be a prime target for                                        
opportunistic people posing as businessmen.                                       
Culturally, we are a trusting people. That is
why  we highly recommend hiring professionals
to perform your due diligence and there is no
better  firm than Lamar & Associates. Respected all over Indian
country for their honesty and excellence, they are 100% American
Indian owned by former Federal agents..your best choice for due
diligence! Protect your Tribal assets! It is better to spend a little
before losing a lot.
Native Workplace is working with Tribes by writing grants and
strategic plans in the areas of weatherization and energy
efficiency , Green career workforce development, food and
water security and Tribal land conservation.
We have to have to put our thoughts together, our power together to save
our planet here. We’ve only got one air, one water, one Mother Earth”

Corbin Harney,  
Western Shoshone

We will be working with Oglala Sioux Housing Authority as
part of the HUD Rural Innovation Grant awarded October 2011.

NWP's 2010 contract with the Oglala Sioux Tribe- Renewable
Energy Development Authority developed a training program
that created a career ladder  for Certified Energy Auditors and
Weatherization Installers.
It's not just a job. When you are working a Green job you are
preserving our world.

You are making a way for your grandchildren. You are working
with water, fire, wind, sun, earth or thunder. We want to make
the connection between the old ways and the new.  

So, if you are a sundancer you can work with the sun, if you
carry or pour water you can have a job preserving it's
cleanliness, if you tend fire at lodge, maybe working on a
hotshot crew is the career for you...

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Our primary focus is to help our community learn about Green careers.  Our specialty is creating innovative outreach specifically designed for Indian
country. We design strategic plans, facilitate training and write grants for Tribal entities.

Water ~ Fire  ~ Wind ~ Sun ~ Earth ~ Thunder...Sources that we hold Sacred
Native Workplace has relocated our office to
Fort Worth,TX.
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Green Careers and Traditional Native Values
Tribal Business Issues
Is your tribe using toxic herbicides on invasive plants? As part
of our participation on the NCAI Tribal Forestry Preservation
Strategy committee, we are announcing the
Green Harvest-Trade Project. READ MORE:
ROOSEVELT — The Ute Tribe has filed a civil lawsuit against its
former financial adviser saying that he defrauded the tribe and
its members.

The Yurok Tribe of Northern California Has the current opening:
Watershed Restoration Director FT/RG Klamath
$68,809.00-$89,450.00 FFD: 9/7/12 For an application and job
description: For questions, please call: (707)
482-1350 x1376 The Yurok Tribe is an equal opportunity employer
and preference will be given to qualified Indian applicants.
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Native Engineer Receives Top Award From President Obama

As a young child, Stanley Atcitty, a member of the Navajo Nation
from Shiprock, New Mexico, recalls taking toys apart and
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