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Current Projects
Since 2003 Native Workplace has been working with Tribes
and federal agencies by writing grants and strategic plans in
the areas of weatherization and energy efficiency , workforce
development, food and water security and Tribal land
We have to have to put our thoughts together, our power together to save
our planet here. We’ve only got one air, one water, one Mother Earth”

Corbin Harney,  
Western Shoshone
Green jobs are preserving our world and make a way for our
grandchildren to live healthy lives. These jobs work with
water, fire, wind, sun, earth or thunder and are  a connection
between the old ways and the new.  So, if you are a
sundancer you can work with the sun, or if you pour water you
can have a job preserving it's cleanliness, if you tend fire at
lodge, maybe working on a hotshot crew is the career

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Our primary focus is to foster development through community education.  
Our specialty is creating innovative planning specifically designed for Indian country.
Native Workplace has relocated our office to
Albuquerque, NM .
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Green Careers and Traditional Native Values
Tribal Hemp & Cannabis Business News
Native Workplace is working to assist Tribes navigating the
maze of  issues created by the DOJ Cannabis-Hemp memo.

We have called on our many friends and colleagues in Indian
country to participate in a team to bring the information
together for community education.

These professionals are known, trusted, qualified experts in
their field.  Fully engaged in the complex issues of law, Tribal
sovereignty,  business, traditions and community engagement.

We  suggest considering the addition of sustainable
solutions into projects such as remote solar energy supply
and rainwater catchment systems.
Water ~ Fire  ~ Wind ~ Sun ~ Earth ~ Thunder ~ Plant Medicines...are sources that we hold sacred